On the gallery page, I have submitted a photo of Dagmar in the garden that I took on Easter Sunday of this year. When Dagmar smiled for the photo she said "I mean it," and what she meant was that her smile was genuine, for she was truly enjoying her time outside in her beloved South Oaks Courtyard. My partner, Ken, and I had organized an Easter egg hunt for our young daughter and some of her friends for that morning in the courtyard. We invited Dagmar to join us outside. Although she was becoming quite frail by that time, Dagmar looked forward to the event, and when I phoned her that morning to check on her, she said that she was already dressed and ready to go. We all had a fine time outside that day - enjoying the gentle spring sunshine, the blooms on the magnolia tree, the excitement of the "little kiddies" as Dagmar called them, and the company of friends and neighbours. We helped Dagmar settle comfortably into the Adirondack chair in the centre of the courtyard, where she "held court," chatting with neighbours and enjoying brief visits from some whom she hadn't seen all winter long. She ordered pizza as her contribution to our potluck lunch, and had a good meal and some of Ken's homebrew. Fortified by sunshine and good company, Dagmar then walked over to the garden to direct the filling of the leaf bin and to cut up some of last year's bean vines to put into the composter. I remember that day often, and think of it as one of Dagmar's "finest hours" during the last weeks of her life. I also would like to share with you something that my five year old daughter, Lauren, said about Dagmar. The day before Dagmar passed away, Lauren and I were talking about her, and Lauren said "Dagmar reminds me of Mother Earth." She was right on about that, and I was looking forward to sharing this great (I think) compliment with Dagmar when we visited her at the hospice the next day. Unfortunately, Dagmar passed away early the next morning before we had a chance to visit. One thing that I always appreciated about Dagmar was how generous she was in giving compliments. I hope that she somehow knows about Lauren's compliment to her.

Sent by Marion Wehner on 31/05/2010